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Hate to cook and count calories? Don’t have time for healthy grocery shopping? If you love good food but hate the work that goes into preparing it – especially if you’re trying to lose weight – these weight loss meal delivery plans could be exactly what you need to help you take off those pounds and reach your weight loss goal.

From the big names like Nutri-System and Jenny Craig to smaller weight loss meal delivery plans like Bistro M.D., we’re taking a look at the cost, variety and general user satisfaction.
But Aren’t These Expensive?

One of the biggest criticisms leveled at weight loss meal delivery plans is the cost. Depending on your choice, you can easily spend $300 a week and more on meals for your diet. These are certainly not budget-friendly, but they can be quite doable if you choose carefully and are only buying for yourself and not trying to feed an entire family with your grocery money. In general, you can expect to spend between $140 and $500 a week on food for your delivered weight loss meals.


Nutri-System is one of the best known meal delivery weight loss plans available. The company has been in business for more than 40 years, and they have a lot of success under their collective – nicely tightened – belts. Nutrisystem provides numerous plans for weight loss, including a Family Plan that offers special savings when two or more family members order diet meal deliveries. Nutrisystem also runs frequent promotions, so if you shop carefully, you can sign up for 28-day meal deliveries for as little as $249, one of the lowest prices you’ll find for any meal delivery plan. You can also customize the Nutrisystyem plan with access to telephone counselors and more.

Bistro MD

Bistor MD isn’t as well-known as many others, but it’s growing fast. Unlike other diet plans, Bistro MD offers a six-week cycle of nutritionally balanced, additive-free meals. The plan allows you to choose from 7-day or 5-day plans, which will be delivered weekly to your door, frozen and ready to microwave. The 7-day plan will run you $159.95, with shipping additional. You can eat for 5 days for $129.95. Add snacks for an additional $21 to $31.50 per week. For that price, you can enjoy such meals as Chicken Crepes with Waldorf Apples, Roasted Norwegian Salmon and Pork Tenderloin with Olive Tapenade.

The Biggest Lower Meal Plan from eDiets

The Biggest Loser Meal Plan from eDiets includes 28 fresh-prepared meals each week, delivered directly to your door in a chill-fresh cooler, ready to heat and eat. The meals are made with no preservatives, no trans fats, no artificial sweeteners and no MSG. A typical day’s menu might include French toast with turkey sausage and raspberry sauce for breakfast, chicken flatbread pizza for lunch and lasagna with Malibu blend vegetables for dinner, along with a square of Ghirardheli chocolate for a delicious snack treat. Like NutriSystem, eDiets features frequent promotions, so you can frequently save with prices lower than these, but the typical retail diet meals price is $158, plus $21.95 shipping and handling. You won’t have to buy any other groceries to supplement the 1,200 to 1,400 calorie daily diet meals.

Jenny Direct

Jenny Craig’s at-home weight loss meal delivery service is available to members of the Jenny Craig diet plan. The pre-portioned and pre-cooked meals are delivered directly to your door every two weeks or monthly, depending on the diet plan you choose, frozen and ready to be heated. Each snack and meal is designed to meet your nutritional requirements. In addition to the cost of the Jenny meals, you’ll also have to buy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dairy products to supplement your diet. The Jenny system also relies upon you working with a one-to-one personal weight loss counselor, and can be among the more expensive weight loss options, costing as much as $800 a month for food, which still has to be supplemented with foods from your grocery store.

In The Zone Delivery

If you want to be treated like a pampered celebrity, In the Zone Delivery is the weight loss delivery plan for you. You can choose to have meals delivered 3, 5, 6 or 7 days a week, and you’ll receive a full day’s worth of meals – three meals and two snacks — delivered to your door for each day you choose service. Expect to spend $35 to $40 daily – or about $300 a week for your meals under this weight loss meal delivery plan.

There are numerous other meal delivery weight loss plans available, including a number of them that are available only in specific regions.


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